Practice Areas

 provide and offer legal services and consulting services for individuals and legal entities. The legal services and consulting services that are provided cover a wide range of scope, either litigation or non-litigation.
The scope includes:

Criminal Law

Interactions between legal subjects (people and business entities) can cause various issues. One of them is criminal issues.

Breach of Contract and Debt Collection

There are many legal issues about unfulfilled promises and breach of contract. These matters require legal settlement to solve the legal problems.

Tax Law

Tax is an important part of any individual and business entity conducting business activities. With the close relationship between those two, there are many cases of taxation issues.

Divorce and Inheritance

The settlement of legal issues related to divorce and inheritance are one of Misael & Partners' specialties.

Construction and Real Estate

There are some problems covering Trade Business License (SIUP), IMB, Company Registration (TDP), Advertising Permit, and etc.

Contract Drafting

Every legal subject has interest with other parties. They will make an agreement to realize their interests. Those agreements are for example purchase agreements, rental agreements, and so on.

Real Property Law

Everyone needs land to build a house or a building for business. There are various land problems related to law. The problems of land in law area are land disputes, licensing relating to land, and so on.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

One of Misael & Partners's specialties is alternative dispute resolution.

Business Law

Legal services are required in business field in order to develop business in accordance with applicable regulations.

Banking and Finance

There are so many legal issues related to banking and finance field. These issues include the problem of bad debts, securities, and so forth.

Labor Law

There are various legal problems in relation to employment, such as rights disputes, interest disputes, employment disputes, and labor union disputes within a company.

Intellectual Property Law

Nowadays, the development of technology is very rapid. It is encouraged by the high creativity of each individual who produces various works, which are included in the scope of intellectual property rights.