About Us

Misael & Partners Law Office & Tax Consultant was founded by Bobby Stiven, S.H., LL.M on a Christian basis, in Jakarta on 20th of June 2015, before Notary Marta Sri Wahjuni, S.H., CN., M.H. The name MISAEL was chosen because it is the Baptist name of Bobby Stiven, S.H., LL.M which means “Who is equal with God” (Daniel 1:19).

On its establishment, Misael & Partners Law Office & Tax Consultant were blessed by Pdt. Handoyo Santoso, D.Min. as Chairman of the Tabernacle Church. Our goal is to be law office that can serve the public with open arms so that we can become salt and light in every legal matters that are faced by society.

Some current issues have grown rapidly in the society along with development in various fields such as economy, industry, technology and others. One of the problem that relates with the development is legal issue.  You might need a professional, credible, and competent legal services in various fields of law for the solution from such complex legal problems. Misael & Partners Law Office & Tax Consultant exists with the ability to serve individuals, companies and legal entities in Indonesia by providing professional legal services to resolve various legal issues, both in litigation and non-litigation fields.


Serve people with open arms so that we can be the light in every legal problems experienced by the society.


Provide and give the best legal services to solve the legal problems faced by our clients in accordance with God and the regulations.


"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still water." - Psalm 23:1-2